WATCH: Sam Dastyari Vets One Nation’s Candidates ‘Cos They Sure Haven’t

Clearly not one to let something as trivial as a high-profile and extremely suspect foreign donations scandal get in the way, Sam Dastyari is still having a lot of fun (albeit from the backbench now) as the only parliamentary member of the Labor Party who both knows how to use the internet and also has a sense of humour.

Seemingly in charge of the opposition’s memes portfolio, his job primarily seems to be fucking with Pauline Hanson, who is baffled by his Muslim heritage and deep, deep love of the halal snack pack.

At the moment, One Nation‘s job seems to be mostly making life very, very easy for Dastyari, by engaging in a devastating series of extremely embarrassing cock-ups week after week after week. Their plan to field as many candidates as they possibly could in the WA election has served the purpose of unearthing the weirdest people alive, with many of them exhibiting strains of bigotry so completely bizarre that they would almost be impressive if it weren’t for the, y’know, bigotry.
In the interests of helping out (read: the opposite of this), Sam Dastyari has put together a schmick little guide on things to avoid when saying “yes” to a political candidate – things like “Don’t like a page called ‘I cuckold all my boyfriends‘ on your public Facebook“.
It seems like a lot of time and what is probably taxpayer money went into this so you’re basically short-changing yourself if you don’t watch it:
Source and photo: Facebook.