Hire Now Or Wait ‘Til The New Year?

December panic officially set in? Yep, same, cool. The to-do list is getting longer, the calendar is filling up, and that person you need to hire? They’re still out there. So do you jump on it, try to fit in resume-reading and interviews in between shopping for costumes for themed Christmas parties and attending said Christmas parties? (Can we just quietly agree that theming your Christmas party is the most unnecessary thing of all time? The theme is Christmas, people).

Or, do you hold out til the New Year, and try to jump on the ~new year new me new team new lyf~ bandwagon?

Let’s take a squiz. 

Want your job ad to shine bright like a diamond? Pop it up now and avoid getting lost in the flood of January job-ortunities. If you get in soon enough, you might even save yourself some sweet advertising $$ (*see above*). Get organised, watch the applications roll in now and feel smug later. Oh yeah. 
Start advertising now, and sleep sound with the knowledge that the ppl sending you their resume on the 19th of December really do want to work for you. No commitment-phobes here – these cool dudes are dedicated to dat new job, and ain’t letting December get in the way of anything. Want yourself a go-getter, a bit of persistence, someone with initiative? You’re welcome.
‘Cos really, by the time you select, interview, hire and consider notice periods, if you don’t get the ball rolling now, your newbie won’t be in the office til February or March. Popping that job ad up ASAP is sounding sweeter by the minute, right? Plus, when you take notice periods into account, the whole leave without pay/annual leave dilemma that turns people off hiring before the leave-heavy Christmas/New Year’s weeks is really a non-issue. Phew. 
Training new hires takes time, time you might just have a little more of if your business quietens down at this time of year. Make the most of those days and get your new hire trained up to hit the ground running come 2017. The flip side of this is if things ramp up at EOY, or if everyone involved in the recruitment process GTFOs of the office as soon as summer shows its sunny self, then you’ll probs need to hit the brakes and wait until everyone’s fresh and present to get cracking on finding ~the one~. 
Looking for young guns? Get on it – they’re done with school/uni and are literally sitting around waiting for your job ad to pop up into front of them. Capitalise on that fresh eager vibe while it lasts, and let it inject some energy into your workplace as we get to the pointy end of the year/month. 
Good energy.
The more you can get done now – whether reviewing applications, interviewing, hiring or training – the less you have to do when you get back from your well-earned break. Sound appealing? We thought so. Picture yourself, Jan 3rd, in the office with your skilled-up, brand new employee, hitting the ground running and generally killing it.

Now pop that job ad up and let that dream become a reality. 

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Photo: The Office