When Bronwyn Bishop resigned as Speaker of the House yesterday, she became only the second Speaker in history to be forced to resign in disgrace.

In a case of S U P R E M E irony, this tweet circa 2011 has resurfaced:

Oh Tones, with his opinions and his Twitter account. He’s referring to Harry Jenkins resigning from the Speaker post in 2011 in order to “re-enter the fray of Labor policy-making“.

Nek minnit, Peter Slipper has resigned from his party in order to take up the position, causing him to be labelled a “Liberal rat” and acting in a display of “gross disloyalty.

Something something history repeating etc. Anyway, here’s some listening for your Monday morning:

Might be a good time for a reminder that Abbott’s approval rating earlier hit record lows earlier this year, dropping below the approval rating’s of past two Prime Ministers’ right before we voted them out of office. (To be fair, so was Bill Shorten‘s.)

Meanwhile, commentary over Bishop’s resignation is coming in thick and fast – Tony Abbott blamed ‘the system’, everybody else disagreed, and Malcolm Turnbull said it should have been ‘common sense‘ not to abuse your entitlements.

Speculation over the next Speaker is also rampant: Veteran Liberal MP Philip Ruddock has put his name forward, while Nationals MP and deputy speaker Bruce Scott is another contender. TBD, pals.

Speaking of being careful what you tweet… (re: Adam Goodes / getting deported)