F OFF: Apparently Haribo’s Green Gummy Bear Is NOT Lime, Watermelon Or Green Apple Flavoured

Haribo Gummy Bears Actually Not Lime Watermelon Apple Flavour

Gummy fans have been gooped, gagged and shooketh to the core after they discovered the real flavour of Haribo’s green gummy bears.

Most people who indulge in sweet, little treats usually associate green with flavours like lime, green apple and even watermelon. From Gatorade to Jelly Belly beans, green is used to symbolise and match those listed flavours.

However, a year-old Reddit post has been dug up from the back ends of the interwebs, and fans of Haribo Goldbears were surprised to learn that the green gummy bear is actually strawberry flavour.

In the subreddit r/Mildlyinteresting, user u/1800-bakes-alot shared a pic of a packet of Haribo Goldbears that labelled the flavours of each colour.

The green Haribo gummy bear is strawberry flavored
by u/1800-bakes-a-lot in mildlyinteresting

Although it is a year-old post the Reddit thread seems to have reached the chaotic social media platform Twitter, and a lot of thoughts and feelings on this odd revelation were shared.

One Twitter user wrote: “Calling the police over whether the green Haribo gummy bears are strawberry or apple.”


Other users joined in the confusion, with many folks tweeting that they thought the green gummy was either lime or apple.


Another Twitter user recounted the moment when they discovered that the blue flavoured shaved ice in India was butterscotch flavour, which is also wild.

Look, I’m not a candy connoisseur (well, I guess you could call me a Haribo hoe because their gummy products slap) but I’m quite shook at this ultra random piece of info.

Many years ago, Haribo released an all watermelon flavoured gummy bear pack and they were red, so that ruled out that the green bear was that flavour. But strawberry? I would have never guessed it.

One user on the original Reddit thread claimed that Haribo changed the flavours in Germany several years ago. “Green is now apple, and strawberry got a different, brighter shade of red than raspberry,” the user added.

Lemme pop down to the servo to grab a pack and see if all of this is legit. BRB.