Watch The Journo Behind That Terrible Grace Tame Take Get Absolutely Obliterated On His Own Show

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Update: A previous version of this article accidentally mixed up Aussie journalist Carrie Bickmore with Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw. We apologise for the error. I’ve clearly been watching too much And Just Like That.

The Project‘s Carrie Bickmore absolutely obliterated her co-host Peter Van Onselen live on telly on Tuesday night for his smelly garbage take about 2021 Australian of the Year Grace Tame. And holy shit, it’s not only a must-watch but might even be the Best Takedown of the Decade so far.

In case you missed it, Prime Minister Scott Morrison greeted Tame at The Lodge, along with the nominees for the AOTY award and briefly posed with Tame as she arrived at the Lodge. And folks, it doesn’t take a body language expert to decipher the vibes of those photos. Tame straight-up side-eyed a shit-eating grinning Morrison.

Van Onselen then wrote a column about the moment for The Australian where he felt the need to criticise Tame’s behaviour and call her “childish”. He also questioned whether she should have attended the event considering the way she acted in the photos.

The article has been Sunday-night-roasted by the internet and media outlets alike. And later that night on The Project, Bickmore and special guest and journalist Amy Remeikis deliciously dragged him for it too.

“In the article, you spoke about how she acted as a child,” Bickmore said to her co-host.

“You know when she should’ve been able to act as a child? When she was a child. Only she was preyed upon by a man and lost part of her childhood.

“In the whole conversation, how we talk about this, things like that, I’m unsure how it helps — how that article helps when I’m assuming you, like the nation, want violence against women and children to end.”

Van Onselen claimed that it would’ve been a more powerful statement if Tame didn’t attend the ceremony. He also tried to speak over Remeikis as she explained that Tame would’ve copped more shit from outlets like The Australian had she chosen to not attend.

The Project host then interrupted her again and said that Grace Tame should’ve sHoWn ReSpEcT to Scott Morrison. That led Remiekis, who was a former victim of sexual violence, to put him in his place.

“You attempted to police a woman who lost all agency as a child when she was groomed and told how to behave, and she has since come out and made her entire adulthood about not behaving in the way that other people think she should,” she said.

“The’s going to be true to herself. And because of the politics of civility, you wrote an article in the national masthead slamming her for that.

“You said she shouldn’t have gone. She has every right to be there and she has every right to show her feelings. And if she doesn’t want to be part of a politically staged photo op, she doesn’t have to smile to make other people feel better and not hurt their feelings.”

As if that didn’t get the point across to old mate I Think Women Should Smile More, Actually, Remeikis went in further.

“You knew what you were doing with that column and you knew what you were adding. You added on to the pile-on and you need to take responsibility.”

Now girls, gays and theys, that’s what we call a takedown. A total annihilation. Absolute domination. And the internet appears to agree with me.

In other Australian of the Year award ceremony-related news, Aussie Paralympian Dylan Alcott was named Australian of the Year for 2022.