Grace Tame Deliberately Tanked A Photo Op With Scott Morrison & The Footage Belongs In MONA

Current Australian of the Year Grace Tame theoretically only holds the title for about a day at the absolute most, but with her remaining time with the gong she’s certainly squeezing every last ounce of juice out of it. And oh boy, is that ever to the detriment of Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Tame is currently in Canberra attending official functions as she prepares to formally hand the title over tomorrow to the 2022 recipient of the award. And in an official photo call with Morrison a short time ago, Tame didn’t even need to speak a single word to let everyone know what she was feeling.

Morrison greeted Tame at The Lodge, along with the nominees for this year’s award, and briefly posed with Tame as she arrived at the Lodge.

For the Prime Minister, it was the standard shit-eating grin that Australians have begrudgingly grown accustomed to.

For Tame? One of the all-time great ice dagger stares you’re likely to see here or anywhere else throughout recorded human history.

With a throng of press photographers capturing the bananas moment from every angle, there was simply nowhere for Scott Morrison to hide from the open and wanton disdain Grace Tame exhibited towards him. And christ alive was it ever good.

NCA Newswire photographer Gary Ramage‘s images of the moment paint one hell of a picture.

The AAP’s Mick Tsikas‘ still from the instantly iconic meeting somehow captured it even better.

But even the still imagery somehow doesn’t do this full justice. Footage from the meeting takes the moment from wildly hilarious into full-on Curb Your Enthusiasm IRL territory.

The side eye! The zoom in! I’m WHEEZING.

There’s not a scrap of music in that clip, and yet you can here the first tuba hoots of the Curb theme as clear as day.

It certainly won’t take a body language expert to decipher this one. Hell’s bells, what a damn day.