Carrie & Amy Joined Forces Again To Slam Peter Van Onselen Without His Mouth Interrupting

carrie bickmore amy remeikis peter van onselen

Following the obliteration of Peter Van Onselen circa Jan 25, 2022 on his very own show, Amy Remeikis has hopped on Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little‘s radio show Carrie & Tommy to reflect. Just when you thought the takedowns were over, we get gifted a couple more whammies.

In case you missed it somehow, Peter Van Onselen (PVO) wrote an absolutely putrid Grace Tame take, saying that she was “childish” for not smiling next to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Bickmore and fellow Project co-host Tommy Little invited Amy on the air on Thursday night to talk about the clash, but this time without the life-draining presence of PVO.

“I’m feeling okay, I was a bit shaken afterwards. I’m no good at confrontation,” said Amy.

“I wanted to say thank you Carrie for everything that you did because I was just at home yelling at my computer.”

And then, the juicy part: they examined PVO’s actions and words and how they’re a part of the problem.

“Is this exactly what the bigger problem is all the time in that there are real issues at play here, and then you’ve got guys chiming in and diverting attention away to stupid things by saying something’s immature?” asked Tommy.

“I think it is a big part of the issue, and probably because we’re really uncomfortable talking about sexual violence,” said Amy.

“It’s much easier to use the politics of civility and police behaviours. It’s a lot easier to say ‘you can have a seat at the table to talk about this serious issue, but only if you behave yourself, and only if you act in a matter that’s civilised and becoming’.

“But this isn’t an issue you can use civility for, this is something that impacts so many people. One in three women are going to be impacted by this.

“I think it’s about time we stopped having all these silly side discussions and actually got to the root of the issue which is men stepping up and doing something themselves in this space instead of leaving it for the women to carry.”

It’s so nice to be able to hear Amy Remeikis destroying Peter Van Onselen again, but this time without his annoying mouth interrupting her every second.

“When I look to the government I don’t have any hope at all,” said Carrie.

“But then I look at people like you (Amy) and Grace Tame, people who are not willing to play the game, I have so much hope.

“I remember growing up in an era when you would just smile and play ball with men in power, and I just think how incredible, we have a new generation of women coming through that aren’t gonna play that game.”

Carrie Bickmore then asked Amy whether or not we’d see a change from the government in relation to violence against women, who seemingly haven’t learnt anything one year out from Brittany Higgins coming out with her story.

“I don’t think it’s going to come from the government or leaders in general,” said Amy.

“I think it comes from the groundswell of people saying ‘enough is enough’. I think that’s going to take a generation.

“We’re not going to see any change in the short term because that would require people to change things and give up power, and that doesn’t seem like something they’re willing to do.”

The last thing we need in times like these are opinionated men policing women’s behaviours because it makes them uncomfortable. That’s all PVO did, and his words only exist to hinder and not help.

Someone take away his pen license, please.