Got Milk? OAK Is Letting You Choose Its Newest Flavour In Real-Time

Sure, 2017’s dealt us a few rogue and outrageously crappy situations thus far, but there are some beacons of light that have cut through the ever-present nastiness of day-to-day living. Nothing springing to mind? No dramas. Here’s a healthy dose of good news:

  • NASA discovered a solar system with one star and seven Earth-like planets orbiting it.
  • Giant Pandas have dropped their ‘endangered’ label and are now considered ‘vulnerable’ (not perfect, but a decent improvement).
  • 800,000 people in India planted over 50 million trees in just one day.
  • OAK‘s letting us, the Australian people, choose their next new flavour.
No, your eyes are not deceiving you – OAK’s legit giving you the power to weigh in on what 7-Eleven exclusive flavour they’ll be dropping next. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.
The cult-fave biz has crafted three options up for vote: Choc Hazelnut, Vanilla Crumble and Blue Heaven.
With choices like those, we’d like to wish you all the best on making a decision ‘cos they all sound so bloody good.

To execute this inclusive plan, they’ll be holding ‘The Race to Kill Hungrythirsty’ that’ll feature a dude named Shane – an admittedly weak/pathetic/hungrythirsty guy (soz Shane).

Keen? You can tune in on Thursday 17 August at 4pm AEST where y’all will be able to have your say on the flavour you think will be the most effective Hungrythirsty killer during a Facebook Live Video slot car race. Each slot car will represent one of the three potential flavours, and be fuelled by a designated Facebook reaction. The more reacts a car cops, the more it moves around the track. Pretty cool, right?

If you’re keen to have your say on such a monumental decision, sign up to The Race to Kill Hungrythirsty event page HERE.