Literally Thirsty Punters Swarm OAK’s FB Over New & Rare Frozen Choccy Milk

It’s a known fact that thousands of Australians died on either side of the great Choccy Milk / Strawbee Milk war of 2016, but history will show OAK’s latest innovation firmly decided the conflict for the chocolate camp.

Yesterday, the existence of OAK-branded frozen chocolate milk was shared to a number of memey Sydney Facebook pages, sparking a frenzy to uncover where the mystical liquid could be acquired.

It was soon revealed that only seven Caltex and Caltex Woolworths service stations in Sydney had been confirmed to possess one of the fabled frappe-esque machines, leading to the lamentations of the lactose-thirsting masses. 

Now, a flood of milk-guzzling online denizens have bombarded OAK’s official Facebook page, demanding information on when and where the brown stuff will appear next. Truly, folks, if you’re going to exhibit cult-like fascination with an otherwise normal beverage, this is how you do it:

There you go: people from every corner of this fine nation pining for that sweet, caffeinated goodness. We’ll keep you posted if OAK recognise the great power they wield, and if they choose to use it wisely by rolling out Froak Australia-wide. 

Source: OAK Milk / Facebook.
Photo: Western Sydney Starter Packs / Facebook.