OAK’s Legendairy Frozen Choccy Milk Is Coming To 140 Servos Nationwide

The Australian Quarters of The Internet went into meltdown earlier this year when OAK announced that they were installing frozen chocolate milk machines in a limited number of Caltex stores.

We were positively shook.

It meant we Australians could finally indulge in a dairy treat on a hot summer’s day without risking a Milk Was A Bad Choice situation.

But in a cruel twist of fate, the machines were only thrown into Caltex Star Marts in nine NSW locations, leaving the rest of this great southern land thirsty and irate.

Until now.

OAK has just announced that they’re taking their fabled frozen choccy milks national. (If you listen hard enough, you can hear Aaron Gocs weeping.)

The roll out starts today, with a whopping 140 Caltex stores starting to offer the icy cow juice, including 55 locations in NSW, 33 in QLD, 18 in Victoria, 23 in WA and 11 in SA.

To find your nearest Frozen OAK location, you can enter your postcode in their dedicated choccy milk locator here.

Our bodies are ready.