Golden Retriever Survives Yet Another Suspected Dog Baiting Incident In Brisbane

dog baiting

There’s been yet another case of suspected dog baiting in Brisbane this week after a golden retriever ingested chicken bones laced with rat poison at a local park.

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Per 9News, Buddy had been on a walk with his owner at Jubilee Park in Bardon when he spotted and ate the bones near a children’s playground.

Owner Jane Clarke immediately rushed Buddy to the vet, who confirmed the bones had been poisoned. Clarke said Buddy’s larger size helped him survive.

“It’s just a really low act,” she told 9News.

Earlier this month, Brisbane City Council announced that hidden cameras would be installed in a number of off-leash parks in an attempt to catch these despicable pieces of shit poisoning dogs. New Farm, Teneriffe, and Newstead have been reported as affected areas. One of the dogs affected, Kiody, died within 24 hours of becoming ill. It is understood that she ate a bait off the ground that had been poisoned with an unknown toxin.

More reports of suspected baiting struck Sydney on Wednesday after a sausage laced with rat poison was found in a yard.

Little Maisy was brought to Pittwater Animal Hospital after her owner caught her chewing on the sausage. The veterinary issued a warning to Mona Vale residents following the find.

Pittwater Animal Hospital said induced vomiting is the “best treatment if ingestion is known to be recent, or you suspect that they may have eaten something like this.

“Rat bait ingestion can lead to bleeding several days after ingestion and although this can be treated in the early stages, it can also be fatal,” the post continued. “A blood test can determine whether any rat bait has been ingested within the last few days, and an antidote can be started. So hard to believe that someone in this area would behave like this – stay alert.”

Just this month, a husky tragically died after a suspected case of baiting in Sydney’s popular Rushcutters Bay Park.

The substance reportedly smelt of aniseed and was yellow in colour. It was found at the base of a tree.