A Dog Has Tragically Died After Suspected Baiting In Sydney’s Rushcutters Bay Park

Dog baiting

Another dog has tragically died and at least one other is ill after a suspected case of baiting in Sydney’s popular Rushcutters Bay Park.

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A Woollahra Council spokesperson told 9News that they have received two reports of suspected dog baiting. One on August 3 and another on August 4. One of the affected dogs, a husky, reportedly died on August 5.

It is understood the dog had been on a walk at Rushcutters Bay Park last week, when it ate the bait.

The substance smelt of aniseed and was yellow in colour. It was reportedly found at the base of a tree.

“Rangers and park staff are conducting extra patrols of the area,” the spokesperson told 9News. However, they have found no evidence that poisoning occurred in the area.

“No physical evidence of baiting has been observed by council rangers in the park.

“We ask people to be cautious when walking their dogs. If your dog becomes sick, seek immediate attention from a vet.”

The sad news comes as Brisbane City Council announced that they would install hidden cameras in a number of off-leash parks to try and stopped the fucked up lowlife who has been poisoning dogs. At least 12 dogs have fallen ill, with New Farm, Teneriffe, and Newstead reported as affected areas.

“We are working with the police here, but what we want the people who are doing this to know is, you will be caught,” Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner told Brisbane Times.

Brisbane animal group The Rescue Collective has received a number of messages from concerned dog owners about the poisoning.

“[It] is thrown in with and rolled in mince-like meat as well as pieces of meat off-cuts,” the organisation wrote on Facebook. “Some dogs were believed to ingest the meat around the dog park and actually in it.”

One of the dogs affected, Kiody, died within 24 hours of becoming ill. It is understood that she ate a bait off the ground that had been poisoned with an unknown toxin.

“Kiody’s humans did everything they could to save her life and no expense was spared,” an Instagram dedicated to the dogs of New Farm posted. “Unfortunately, nothing further could be done for her.”