Sydney Dog Owners Put On High Alert After 3 Suspected Dog Poisonings At The Same Park

marks park in sydney is where multiple dogs have died from suspected poisoning

Dog owners in the Sydney suburb of Tamarama have been warned to keep an eye on their pooches after multiple suspected cases of dog baiting. It has been confirmed that three dogs have passed away.

So what is dog baiting?

It’s when someone disguises something toxic as a dog treat in the hopes that a pooch will gobble it. Safe to say the process is deeply cooked and very illegal.

The canines are thought to have been poisoned after eating something at Marks Park, a popular spot that overlooks the water.

Locals have since taken to social media to share their own experiences and those of their mates.

“A friend’s dog visited the park, ate something and suddenly passed away several hours later,” an Instagram Story uploaded by a local resident said per the Daily Telegraph.

“He was a young and healthy dog.”

A second post spoke of a similar thing happening when another resident took their dog to the park.

“We just lost our little puppy on Sunday. He was poisoned, and we have no idea what the cause was.”

Waverley City Council, responsible for the area covering Tamarama and Bondi, announced it had begun investigating the tragic incidents but was yet to make a breakthrough.

“At this point, we have not been able to obtain information about the type of suspected baiting that has been reported, but our inquiries are continuing,” a Waverley Council spokesperson said per 9News.

“If council is able to obtain a sample of the suspected bait, then we can have it analysed to establish its contents and report it to the police and the RSPCA.

“Dog baiting is not a common problem in Waverley but is devastating when it does occur.”

Crikey. Be safe out there, mates. Our thoughts go out to the owners who no doubt will be mourning the loss of their furry friends.

Signage has since been put up around the site to warn any further dog walkers of the potential risk.

Waverley Council has requested anyone with any information to call 9083 8000 or visit the council’s website.