I will never say the word ‘Stikeez‘ aloud. I have to be honest with you: I resent even typing it. I feel unclean having done so. I do not like the word and even less do I like what the word means. I do not understand the compulsion to hoard miniature versions of supermarket items, but I must respect that there are people that live and die by the miniature washing detergents and biscuits and what have you. This is just a fact of life now.

There are rare ones, apparently. A crystal version of Brodie Broccoli, a glowing version of Carlo Cucumber. But most importantly, there is the golden Billy Banana — the rarest of them all. People want that gold banana. They want it so bad. On eBay, purported authentic golden Billy Bananas are being listed for thousands of dollars.

NSW Woman Refunded By eBay After Son Spends $10,000 On One Stikeez Banana

Perhaps even more strange than that, is the apparent market for replica gold Billy Bananas. Maybe they are for completionists, maybe they are for parents to use to assuage their children. Who knows.

NSW Woman Refunded By eBay After Son Spends $10,000 On One Stikeez Banana

As a savvy internet user, you might well say that just because the bananas are listed for that price, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be sold for that price. I can tell you right now, at least one of them has.

In a story brought to the attention of Today Tonight Adelaide, a woman has received a refund from eBay after her son purchased one of the rare, precious golden Billy Bananas for the princely sum of $10,000.

47-year-old NSW woman Donna Jacob found out that her son had made the purchase only when she saw the confirmation email. She told Today Tonight that she had no luck getting a refund from the seller, but eBay later reached out and said that she had been fully reimbursed for the amount.

According to Coles, only 100 of the golden Billy Bananas were made, which is not a lot, but probably still not enough to make them that valuable.

Image: eBay