Punters Are Flogging Official Fyre Merch On eBay If You Love Schadenfreude

The only sensible response to a logistical disaster like Fyre Festival – outside of levelling massive lawsuits against its organisers – is to take the absolute piss out of it.

The ill-fated event has become shorthand for gigantic fuck-ups fuelled by hubris and shaky investment capital, and you better believe there’s a market out there for punters who want to have a chuckle at the fest’s expense. 

If you’re reading this, you might very well be among that number. If so, you’ll be chuffed to learn you can now take your ironic appreciation for the fest to the next level, ’cause attendees have been hawking their v. rare merch on eBay.

While dribs and drabs of Fyre-branded clobber have found their way online, a few very notable items have appeared in the past lil’ while. A Fyre-branded portable phone charger, which would have likely been a necessity for the Bahamian fest, has seen 25 bids. It could be yours for US $31.
via eBay.
A nifty cap brandishing the fest’s slick logo is also on offer right now. Currently, it has three bids, and sits at US $55. 
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If that’s a lil’ much for you, fear not: a very similar piece of authentic headgear sold for US $35 over the weekend. 
Rarer pieces of kit have also materialised since the fest’s demise. Have a gander at this hoodie; the auction ended with zero offers, but the vendor was asking for an initial bid of US $300.
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Even more exclusively: this artist wristband, listed as “worn.” While the festival’s cash-free system was reportedly problematic from the get-go, whoever bought this knick-knack for US $71 likely isn’t concerned with the utility of their new wristwear.

Some exceedingly confident individual even tried listing this haul for US $1,200 back in May.

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Fyre founder Billy McFarland and business partner Ja Rule – we still can’t quite believe it, either – face eight separate lawsuits from the festival’s attendees. If even one of them comes through, you might just see the actual Fyre team offload some spare merch, too.

Source: Mashable.
Photo: eBay.