Giant “Snotty” Jellyfish Species Has Been Discovered In Australian Waters

The Lim family were happily collecting shells along the beach in Howden, just south of Hobart, when they happened across a large snotty hot mess.

Photo: AFP/Josie Lim

THE BLOB, which they did not walk from, (or run from) but instead took pictures of, was then reported to the CSIRO. The goo turned out to be none other than Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin’s very own white whale – the third species of the lion’s mane jellyfish, or ‘snotties’ as they are commonly known. As Captain Ahab would say, it was “the one that got away”; until now.

Dr Gershwin told of how she was getting a large influx of reports this month, “All of a sudden I started getting all these calls, and all these people sending me photographs. Sure enough this thing is an absolute menace this season; it’s been around in large numbers.”

Of the particular specimen found by the Lim family she said, “It boggles the mind. I mean, it’s so big. I knew that the species gets fairly large, but I didn’t know that it gets that large. It was really a surprise to me when they forwarded the photo to me.”

Otherwise Dr Gershwin is actually the most psyched person alive right now – “The thing that I first said when I saw it [the photograph] was ‘Phwoar’. It’s a very scientific term [laughs]. I’m just rapt by it, honestly. It’s such an amazing find.”

As yet, no one has had the heart to tell Dr Gershwin that she has just stumbled upon The Secret World of Alex Mack.

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