QLD Swimmers Have Copped A Brutal 23K Jellyfish Stings In Just 2 Months

The Sunshine Coast is a bad place for vertebrates these days: more than 22,000 jellyfish stings have been recorded on Sunny Coast beaches since December 1.
Exclusive footage of Peregian Beach last weekend.
According to Surf Life Saving QueenslandNoosa and Mooloolaba copped the worst of it, each recording about 3000 stings. 
Northerly winds continue to bring the plague of mucilaginous murder-bags into coastal waters, as evidenced by Brisbane woman Charlotte Lawson‘s extremely disconcerting photo (featured) of thousands of bluebottles lining the beach at Deception Bay like a snotty, stingy carpet.
It also looks like the flabby tentacled ghouls have tired of simply ruining the weekends of innocent beach going humans. Coolum Beach vet Dr Dan Capps told the Sunshine Coast Daily that he had to treat three dogs for jellyfish-related symptoms over the weekend. 
The sweet, dumb pooches most likely scoffed a bluebottle as it lay temptingly glistening on the sand, and had to deal with a stung oesophagus, vomiting, and a whole bunch of pain for their trouble. 
Look, I know that “the ocean is their habitat”, “they’re just trying to live their lives” and “they don’t have brains in which to hatch evil plans” or whatever, but let’s be serious for a second – messing with puppers is a bridge too far. Listen to me, you phlegm-sacks, you naked frilly testes, you see-through fucks: sting me all you want, but you stay the hell away from my dog.
Image: Charlotte Lawson.