Giant Jellyfish Up To A Metre In Diameter Are Washing Up On QLD Beaches

What did Queensland do to invoke the wrath of the sea so completely? It’s been nothing but murderous, tentacled sea-boogers since the start of summer, and now they’re back again, weirder, wobblier, and bigger than ever before. 
Gigantic jellyfish have been washing up on Gold Coast beaches. By gigantic, we mean up to one metre in diameter. And yes, they sting – not as badly as an irukandji or a box jelly, or even a bluebottle, but you wouldn’t want to be giving one a cuddle regardless. 

Some of the jelly fish we met on the beach today

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Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin is a jellyfish expert, and apparently the person responsible for discovering and naming these particular jellies. They’re commonly known as “hair jellies” or “snotties” (charming), but their Latin name is cyanea barkeri. 
Apparently they’re only supposed to get to the size of dinner plates.
Dr Gershwin spoke to the ABC about the jellies:
“I actually named and classified that species in 2010, but I haven’t seen it that big yet. I’m very impressed at how big my baby has become.”
Did she call this species of jellyfish… “my baby“? Are we looking at some kind of Ursula the Sea Witch scenario here?
That would explain a lot, actually.
Source: ABC
Image: Liz Bratulic / Facebook.