Beauty Influencer Says She’s Not Racist & Refuses To Take Down ‘Blackface’ Instagram Photo

ghadeer sultan blackface

Luxury beauty influencer Ghadeer Sultan is being accused of ‘blackface’ in a recent Instagram post, but she’s refusing to take down the image in question.

The Kuwait-based influencer shared a video of her in various character costumes alongside the song We Are The World.

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In addition to the fact that the entire video is her posing with boom-mics without actually singing, she’s also been accused of wearing blackface on numerous occasions throughout the clip, according to 9Honey.

Since the original post, Ghadeer has shared an additional three images of the ‘blackface’ look in question to her 2 million followers.

Instead of deleting the original post, she captioned one of the photos “I am not racist, I hate racism.”

Despite declaring she’s not racist, fans still urged the Kuwait-based makeup artist to remove the photos.

“Listen, all you wanted was to increase your insta engagements! You knew it would spark controversy and it will get you the comments and likes and views! Congrats! It worked! However, it’s still racists and not creative at all,” one user wrote.

“Educate yourself, read about “Blackface” and how it’s directly related to racism. What you’ve done is really embarrassing and indicates ignorance,” another added.

“Girl take what we’re saying into consideration and delete this. It is indeed racist. Blackface has a long history of being offensive towards black people and we are not happy. ”

Others suggested she should demonstrate her makeup skills on a model with naturally dark skin.

“Stop it with the blackface!!!! Get a real dark skinned model!!”

She later shared an apology on her Instagram story, but fans were not happy with the fact that she left all of the images in question up on her account.

ghadeer sultan blackface

“I recognise that this can’t have been an easy thing to deal with and I’m so sorry that I have caused you to feel humiliation, but on the contrary I looked more beautiful in my dark colours,” she said.

At the time of publishing, all three images remain on her Instagram account.