Hoo boy, here we are again. A Liberal National candidate from Brisbane, Kerri-Ann Dooley, is in hot water for posting a photo of herself on Instagram with a bloke in straight-up blackface. Just undeniable, super racist, 100% legit blackface.

According to Dooley, she was at an “Australian-themed housewarming party” (what kind of garbage theme…) when she met the guy, who was supposedly dressed as the late Dr G Yunupingu of Yothu Yindi. She apparently thought his outfit, which seems to consist of a curly wig, a headband, an Aboriginal flag t-shirt, and, once again, painting his face black I.E. BLACKFACE, was well worth a selfie.

Dooley posted the picture over the weekend, with the caption “Got to meet the singer of Yothu Yindi yesterday“. She then deleted it.

Brissy LNP Candidate Apologises For Extremely Suss Blackface Party Pic

In a statement to NewsCorp, Dooley explained:

I attended an Australian themed house warming party where guests went as icons of prominent Australian identities. The party was a great celebration of Australian life and culture.

One person was a fan of the band Yothu Yindi and lead singer, the late [Dr G] Yunupingu. I posted a photo of us together on my Instagram feed. On reflection it was a mistake to post this photo and unprompted, I deleted it. I apologise for any offence that this may have caused.

Great to see the LNP’s hopefuls really grasping the severity of racial discrimination in Australia. Unbelievable.

Source: SBS
Image: Instagram