Four Australian Passengers Injured In Bali Ferry Explosion

Reports out of Indonesia indicate that four Australians have been hospitalised, following an explosion and subsequent fire on a ferry near Bali.
Per ABC News, the boat departed from the Gili Islands and made a stop off at Lombok before continuing on to Bali. The incident occurred half an hour into the final leg of the trip, with the boat out to sea.
There were 129 passengers on board, of whom approximately 20 were injured, with burns and broken bones. Four Australian women are being treated, but the extent of their injuries is unknown. 
Radio New Zealand are also reporting that a New Zealand man was “seriously injured” and is in hospital with back injuries. Thankfully, there re no reports of any deaths following the incident. 
It is believed that the cause of the incident was a burst fuel line, which caused the ferry’s engine to explode, starting a fire. 

Photo: Sonny Tumbelaka via Getty Images