Melbourne’s Morning Commute Disrupted After Police Evacuate Flagstaff

Morning peak hour in Melbourne was flung into absolute bedlam earlier today after a police operation – involving the Critical Incident Response Team – forced the evacuation of Flagstaff Station and caused Metro Trains to divert all incoming passengers to Flinders Street.

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Police responded to reports of a passenger allegedly carrying a rifle case on-board a train at around 8:30am. That train was stopped at Flagstaff station and all passengers on all platforms were safely evacuated.

As a result, Metro halted all train activity in the City Loop and directed incoming services direct to Flinders Street, almost immediately packing platforms out and sending thousands of pedestrians into the intersections immediately surrounding the station.

Police conducted a search of the train at Flagstaff and concluded there was no threat and no weapons were present.

Officials subsequently gave Metro the all-clear to resume normal services shortly after 9:00am.

Victoria Police issued a statement on the incident a short time ago, asserting there was no on-going threat to the public.

Police responded to reports a man was allegedly carrying a firearm bag on a train at Flagstaff this morning.

Police evacuated the train and Flagstaff Station about 8:30am.

The area was searched and has now been cleared by police.

Police will continue to investigate the incident, however at this time there is no ongoing threat to the community.

Police will remain in the area today to speak with any members of the public who may have concerns.

Metro confirmed services are currently operating with a 30-minute delay due to the earlier disruption. Normal service is expected to be restored as the day goes on.