Surprise! The Dearly Departed mX Is Making A Cameo Return In Melbourne

Long before everyone riding on sardine-crammed trains on the way home from work amused themselves by craning their necks into a lotus gait to gawk at their smartphone screens, Melbourne commuters wiled away the time by scouring over countless copies of mX, the free and incredibly good newspaper designed specifically to fill the void between stations.

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mX officially left circulation back in 2015, leaving behind a Here’s Looking At You sized gap where Melburnians, presumably, simply had no other way to tell attractive strangers they shared eye contact with on the train they were into them via vague text messages being put into print. Coffee?

However, as of today, the old bird is roaring back to life.

Yes mates: mX is officially back. For a bit.

For four weeks beginning today, an all-new mX is being put back into circulation thanks to a collaboration between OG publisher NewsCorp and Carlton United Breweries.

The revived special edition papers will feature a return of popular sections like mX TalkGoss and Glam, and For What It’s Worth. Much like the original, they’re being placed in giant stacks at major inner-Melbourne train stations, which includes Southern Cross, Flinders Street, Parliament, Melbourne Central, Flagstaff, and Richmond.

Believe us when we say this is definitely not a joke. Look, there’s a real front page and everything, complete with light-pun headline.

It’s real. Good lord in heaven it’s absolutely real.

New editions of the paper will be landing at stations every Wednesday during the revival’s four-week run.

It ain’t much, but it’s definitely something.

Welcome back, old friend.