First Reviews Are In: Golden Gaytime Tubs May Not Live Up To Hype

The hype: huge. The community spirit to get the Facebook campaign off the ground: inspiring. The excitement to try the iconic taste of your childhood, in 1.25 litre form: unbearably strong. 

The conclusion: underwhelming, apparently. 
We here at PEDESTRIAN.TV haven’t yet had a chance to taste one of those wonderful 1.25L Golden Gaytime tubs to make up our own minds, but a general consensus from mainstream and social media alike isn’t as glisteningly superb as we’d hoped.
Writers from Fairfax did a ‘desk test’ of the tub, and the video essentially ended up just being questions about where the everloving fuck that crunchy, sweet, delicious biscuit was. 
And while food writers who are probably used to that fancy degustation bullshit were critiquing our lowly blue collar desserts, the good, hardworking civilians of this fine country were terribly upset that they couldn’t get their hands on any:

However, in other ‘Australiana-themed frozen dessert‘ related news, Peters will be bringing out Damn Edna and Jimmy Barnes(-flavoured, hopefully) Drumsticks, so there’s a silver lining to every creamy cloud.
Mmm… tastes like Jimmy.
via Fairfax