Perhaps it was a surge of adrenalin not unlike the kind mothers feel when they lift car wrecks off their babies; perhaps it was a case of performance anxiety induced by doing it for the first time on camera, or perhaps after waiting for what seemed like his entire life for this moment to arrive, Perth man Jack Cooksey was just so fucking over it and into it at the same time that he forgot the golden rule of opening Apple’s immaculate packaging: That the pressure inside that perfect vacuum exists at a level comparable to the level of excitement amongst those who would voluntarily sleep on the street in occasion of a mobile phone [both those things being ‘explosive’].

Either way, when Cooksey, the first man in Perth to buy an iPhone 6 this morning, opened said high-pressure packaging, this happened and nothing was the same: 

“I dropped it in a panic to get it open,” Cooksey later told Perth Now, soon after the drop. “I just can’t wait to open it again — and not drop it,” he added, echoing the sentiments of everyone who has ever bought a smartphone and is now reading this on a cracked screen. 

Good luck with that, Cooksey.  

via Nine NewsPerth Now