So Ariane Grande has just released her first tune since the end of her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, and it is, uh… pointed.

Although the pop star insists that “thank u, next” contains “no drags” and “no shade”, just “love, gratitude, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness … and growth“, fans have not been able to help themselves picking apart the very particular timing of its release.

Just a few days after taking a crack at Davidson for a Saturday Night Live promo that appeared to poke fun at their relationship, Grande’s put out this breezy, high-road-taking dismissal, literal moments before this week’s episode of SNL.

The fans – they are divided!

Plenty are applauding her shady decision, but others say they’re tired of being “dragged into” the very public breakdown of this particular celebrity relationship.

To which we have to say: we are none of us Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s children, as much as we might like to believe it. Think not of yourselves in this troubled time; spare a prayer instead for Piggy Smallz, who has to watch her separated parents bicker on social media and still try to grow into a beautiful independent swine despite all the hardship.

Image: Getty Images / Virginia Sherwood