Forbes have released their annual list of the highest paid ladies whose livelihood balances precariously in the clutches of looking incredible and walking without falling over, with the top ten highest earning models around the world being announced today.

Based on their earnings between June 2012 and June 2013, the list probably shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a chronological mapping of the most conventionally attractive women out there–it’s all about business.

Eclipsing the number two spot, our very own Miranda Kerr, by almost six times, Gisele Bündchen‘s worth has sky rocketed after she partnered with and bought a stake in Brazilian footwear company Grendane.I mean, Bünhchen also far surpasses Angelina Jolie, placed first on the highest paid actress list. Gurl is doing something right. Here is a grossly out-of-context photo of Bündchen being all, fuck bitches I’ve got more money than all of you combined.

Forbes’ top 10 earning models of 2013:

1. Gisele Bündchen ($42 million) 

2. Miranda Kerr ($7.2 million) 

3. Adriana Lima ($6 million) 

4. Kate Moss ($5.7 million) 

5. Liu Wen ($4.3 million) 

6. Hilary Rhoda ($4 million) 

7. Carolyn Murphy ($3.6 million) 

8. Joan Smalls ($3.5 million) 

9. Candice Swanepoel ($3.3 million) 

10. Lara Stone ($3.2 million)

Meanwhile, all ten of the Tens above are reclining in their lush, palatial mansions, watching this over and over, taking comfort in the fact that this wasn’t them:

Via Forbes.