6 Ways To Make Exercising In Summer Bearable If You’d Rather Take Naps Than Run Laps

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, weekend warrior, or can’t remember the last time you ran — I think we can all agree on one thing: Shannon Noll was robbed in the 2003 Australian Idol finale.

But also, I think we can all agree that exercising in summer can be a SLOG. At least in winter, there’s motivation to get moving and stay warm, but summer? I’m already sweating just standing here, and now you want me to run????

It can all go downhill rather quickly (metaphorically of course, we love literal downhills). So, to help you get motivated and avoid getting your undies in a sweaty twist, we’ve thought of some handy tips to help make working out this summer somewhat bearable.

Wear the right kit mate

Try to avoid wearing dark clothing, especially black. It attracts more sun and that will ultimately make you hotter. Don’t worry Melbourne, I know everything you own is black, but also, you get like three days of summer a year so this whole list doesn’t really apply to you.

Get your knickers sorted

Now that you’ve taken care of your outer layers, it’s time to make sure you’re wearing proper underwear cos this is the stuff that really makes a difference. You don’t want to skimp on quality here, you really get what you pay for so treat yourself.

You wanna find a brand that understands athletes’ needs, and when it comes to this, my go-to is Nike. Their ’Move to Zero’ underwear collection is made from smooth, stretch microfibre and Nike’s Dri-FIT technology that wicks away sweat to help you stay dry and comfortable, no matter the weather. 

Plus, the extra-soft, sustainable knit fabric is a dream to move in. And here’s the best part — the collection is made with at least 75% recycled fibres, so you’re not only helping keep yourself cool, but the planet too. Lovely.

Nike’s ’Move to Zero’ underwear collection is available at The Iconic, Myer, David Jones, Rebel Sports, Footlocker, JD Sports, City Beach, Culture Kings and Universal.

Early bird gets the worm (and feels heaps better exercising)

The sun’s rays are strongest between 10am to 4pm. So, if you find summer evenings are usually jammed with fun activities and various commitments, your best option is to hit the ground running before the sun gets a chance to really ramp up.

Vaseline is your friend

Trust me. I am one of those people who no matter what always gets blisters if I run in any kind of heat. Well, I used to be, that is. I’ll never forget when an old Greek soccer coach told me to rub vaseline on my bare feet before putting on my socks and boots — from that day my life changed forever. No more blisters. 

This of course works for any other friction-induced problem areas you may have — armpits, thighs, you name it and vaseline has a solution for it. Don’t be shy either, really lather it on. The more the better. You’re welcome.

Slip slop slap!

Look pal, I know you might be inclined to think that the whole sunscreen thing is just some grand conspiracy to slowly dull our senses while the reptilians controlling this planet gather the necessary energy to finally take over (No? Just me?) but I implore you to log off YouTube and really take a good hard look at yourself. Look at how beautiful you are! You don’t deserve wrinkles! You’re a star. Treat yourself like one. Look after your skin.

Stay hydrated

I know, I know, this one is pretty obvious. And yet so often it’s the simple things that get overlooked. I cannot overstate how important it is to stay hydrated while you sweat out yet another badminton loss to your annoying neighbour Henry. That cocky bastard. Joke’s on him though, you’ve ultimately got the last laugh because you read this article and now you’re a well-hydrated rascal, aren’t you?

Now run along, get your steps in, and stay hydrated. Don’t make me call your mother again.