Prepare Your Shortest Stubbies: Sydney Is Forecast To Hit 37 Degrees On Friday

I have some very unfortunate news for you if you’re in Sydney and were under the impression that you’d have at least a few weeks before the summer heat blasted your nuts off: the summer heat is about to blast your nuts off.

The forecast from our dear friends at the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting that Sydney is set for a maximum temperature of 37 degrees, which, according to ABC Weather, is 13 entire degrees above the average. Saturday is predicted to be substantially less terrifying, with a maximum of only 30 degrees.

That same Friday will also be rough for both Newcastle and Wollongong, who are slated to hit a slightly more bearable maximum of 35.

The forecast for Adelaide is predicting that the tempts could go as high as 36 degrees tomorrow, with 33 currently forecast as the maximum for Melbourne. Both cities are set to cool down a bit by Friday.

Despite hitting an uncomfortable 32.5 degrees on Wednesday last week, Brisbane will be getting off relatively lightly, seeing 28 on Friday and 32 on Saturday.

Senior forecaster with the Bureau of Meteorology Jenny Sturrock told the ABC that this ‘heat pulse’ (it doesn’t quite qualify as a heatwave) is set to demolish early season records, which is unsurprising, given where we’re at with the world right now.

You know the drill by now: give your pets plenty of water and keep ’em in the shade; don’t leave anything alive locked in a hot car; check in with elderly relatives or people who otherwise might need checking in on; don’t overexert yourself in the sun; wear some bloody sunscreen; water your houseplants; and, of course, most importantly, have a summer.

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