Ex-PM Tony Abbott Officially Takes His Place On Parliamentary Backbench

It hasn’t happened since 1995, but today the streak ended.

We’re not talking about other famous streaks that have ended in recent times, like Dustin Fletcher‘s AFL career, the Undertaker‘s undefeated streak at WrestleMania, or even Aaron Rodgers‘ streak of interception-less games at Lambeau Field which ended just this morning.
Today, for the first time since 1995, Tony Abbott sat on a back bench seat in Federal Parliament.
Abbott, along with Joe Hockey and Kevin Andrews – his compatriot victims in the Damocles-like knifing orchestrated by now-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – returned to the floor of the Lower House for the first time since his ousting, taking their seats in a decidedly new-look Parliament seating plan.
And as the manbaby cranky hour that is Question Time fired up, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was not even remotely afraid to go straight for the pre-prepared script in going after the new PM and the member for Warringah.

Full credit to Abbott, though. And rightfully where it’s due.

The former Prime Minister has remained outwardly silent and composed – save for the odd private aside to bench-mate Hockey – throughout QT.
Instead, choosing the occasion to simply gaze across the room at the smiling faces of Turnbull and Shorten, quietly adding their names to some sort of list.
Biding his time.