An Ex-Hockeyroo Star Faked Terminal Cancer Diagnosis & Defrauded Charity

Former Hockeyroo goalkeeper Kate Hubble has pleaded guilty to charges stemming around the defrauding of a charity after pretending to be terminally ill with cancer.

The ex-hockey star pleaded guilty to four charges of making and using false documents to obtain a financial benefit in a Sydney court today, after she made fake medical certificates and oncology letters in order to con her employer Redkite, a charity that offers support to cancer sufferers.

Starting in 2014, Hubble began to tell colleagues at Redkite in Perth where she was a team co-ordinator , that she had been diagnosed with cancer and created fraudulent letters and reports to gain sick leave and transfer to Sydney.

The court heard she went as far as claiming to friends and colleagues she had as much as six months to live, that her heart had stopped twice and that she had broken ribs.

One of the fradulent letters (via SMH).

Hubble admitted to police last month she had created a fake email address for a Dr Sywak and to editing letters.

Police reports that ultimately Redkite charity lost more than $50,000 in salary, sick leave and other costs, due to the fraud.

She will be sentenced later this week.