Cancer Fraud Belle Gibson Ordered To Pay $410,000 Over Outright Lies

Total fraud Belle Gibson has been ordered to pay $410,000 after she was found to have misled vulnerable Australians with utterly false claims that she ‘cured’ cancer.

Let’s all just take a moment to breathe out a resounding GOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Justice Debbie Mortimer handed town the judgement at the Federal Court today over five contraventions of Australian consumer law.

Gibson wasn’t in attendance. To be fair, she’s hardly been in attendance throughout the entire proceedings.

She was found guilty for “most but not all claims” made by Consumer Affairs Victoria in March this year, with Justice Mortimer saying she may have been under “some kind of delusion” about having brain cancer.

The watchdog accused of her of engaging in misleading or deceptive commerce by making claims she had ‘cured’ brain cancer to promote her book (and later app), The Whole Pantry. She netted in some $420,000 from those dealings.

The court also heard that Gibson had made false claims about donating some $300,000 to charity.

Gibson was also ordered to pay $30,000 in prosecution costs.

Good riddance to trash, tbh.