Everyone’s Freaking Out Over This A+ Lip Sync Of Hilary Duff’s ‘Cinderella Story’ Monologue

TikTok is good for many things: funny animals, weird songs, catching up on whatever Post Malone has autographed today. It’s generally a pretty good app.

The current Best Thing On TikTok is a combination of #tbt and actually impressive ability: With over 350,000 likes and probably over a million views, @ohboyohmyohmy has recorded themselves next to a TV as the 2004 Hilary Duff classic ‘A Cinderella Story’ plays.

That might seem pretty “whatever”, but get this: for whatever reason, she has memorised the entire brutal, intense, dressing-down monologue Hillary Duff delivers to Chad Michael Murray. It’s a sight.

Full disclosure: I have not seen ‘A Cinderella Story’. My understanding is that it is not part of the Lizzie McGuire Cinematic Universe. You could say that my absolute fascination with this clip means I should check it out, but in the meantime I asked Mel, our Features Editor, to put the scene in context:

So basically Hilary Duff’s character Sam starts this online relationship with Austin, Chad MM’s character, and that’s the basis of the film bc then they meet up at prom with masks on (like, the smallest of masks) – anyway Sam is like nooo I can’t reveal who I am to you bc we come from different social worlds, but then in a big turn of events Austin’s ex-girlfriend humiliates Sam in front of the whole school and Austin doesn’t defend her because he’s like, scared of being ~ real ~ or some shit.

Hope that clears things up.

Does @ohboyohmyohmy know all of the words from watching the movie so many times? Or just that scene? Maybe there was some sort of Drama assignment and she performed the monologue for that? I don’t know, but I’m glad it has finally paid off by way of online clout.

Honestly, it’s not clear why someone other than Hillary Duff would know all of the words to this. I’m willing to bet that Hillary Duff herself doesn’t even know the words anymore.

But it makes it all the more impressive and probably explains why I can’t stop watching it.