EmRata Posted A Photoshoot That Was So Clearly Fat-Phobic How Did Nobody Stop Her?

We’re not sure what response Emily Ratajkowski expected to get when she shared a photoshoot of herself fitting inside a pair of jeans that could wrap around her twice, but the internet have absolutely dragged her for it, labelling the model “ignorant” and fat-phobic.

As part of a shoot for M Le Magazine, EmRata shared five photos and a video to her Instagram, which featured her sporting several different outfits, almost all of which featured her wearing an oversized pair of jeans.

The second photo in particular caught people’s attention for the wrong reason. In it, EmRata stands seemingly in just one leg of the jeans to highlight the difference in size between her and the pants.

Though EmRata is actually standing inside both legs of the jeans instead of just one — explaining why there is a shoe at the bottom of each leg — the image of a model in clothes that aren’t designed to fit her did stir up anger online.

The comments on the post absolutely flamed the model for the second photo, with many questioning why it was taken and what it is supposed to mean. Others called out how it was tone-deaf to Ratajkowski’s previous action in support of positive body-image.

Influencer Tess Halliday poked fun of the shoot with a witty backhanded-roast, commenting: “I’ve been looking for those jeans in the second photo if you could just please return them that would cool. Tysm.”

Meanwhile author and body-image advocate Stephanie Yeboah called EmRata out more directly.

“What a strange second photo. And you wrote a book about body image? Mm!” Yeboah commented, receiving thousands of likes.

LA-based photographer Jessica Hinkle made an observation that would be funny if it weren’t too true: “Designers won’t make plus sizes unless it’s for a photo opp where a thin person can be quirky.”

The lasting impression of this shoot, in my opinion, is the implication that a skinny model being half the size of a plus sized one is twice as valued by virtue. Pretty bloody archaic message.

This entire photoshoot reminds me of a dated ad where someone used a “miracle weight loss pill” and “look at the unbelievable results” which is usually because they are unbelievable in a literal sense. That’s not how our bodies work!

[Image source: EmRata Instagram]