Ebay Nixed Zaky Mallah’s Weed Hat, So He’s Suing For $30K Because Logic

If you’re hot on eBay, you might have noticed a familiar looking piece of headgear listed on eBay recently. And if you are a legend who’s hot on eBay, you may have even bid stupid amounts of money on it – not to actually purchase it, but to hike the price up so much that it would be rendered virtually unsellable. 

Yes, indeed; it was Zaky Mallah‘s marijuana leaf hat that he wore on the fateful day he appeared on Q&A and annoyed the nation. And trolls decided that it was a fabbo idea to get the eBay auction up to $92k. BARGAIN!
Needless to say, the item got delisted. It was very obvious that it was the work of pranksters, and no one was legitimately going to pay $90,000 AUD for a sweaty hat with a piccy of the devil’s lettuce on it, that Mallah bought from a stall in Thailand
But, Mallah disagrees. He is now suing eBay for $30,000 in damages, according to documents lodged with the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal
eBay told Mallah in an email that the hat’s listing went against their policy about gratuitous comments: “We encourage our sellers to avoid the use of unrelated words that has nothing to do with the item for sale.”
Mallah spoke to The Guardian, saying:
“You can’t just put a famous, unique hat on eBay without explaining the history of it, the context of it, the exchange between me and Steve Ciobo.”
He also explained that the damages claim was for, “the $15,000 I believe would have received for the hat, and the other $15,000 for the time it took to put this application through, and the headaches and stress”.
Yeahhhh… okay. 

Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Q&A.