Zaky Mallah Tried To Sell His Weed Hat On eBay, Except Trolls Bid $90k+

Ohhhhh Zaky mate, just stop.  

Infamous Q&A troll Zaky Mallah has decided to grip desperately to the microscopic amount of fame he achieved in 2015 by selling his weed hat on eBay. 
Why? No one bloody knows. He partially implies in the product description on eBay that some of the proceeds will go to a homeless charity, but also said he needs to pay some bills, etc.

“Whatever this magical hat sells for will contribute to buying some food and water for the homeless in Parramatta (Church st.), pay some bills, and shout out Steven Ciobo to a nice lunch to finally end our horrible political beef.”
He started the bidding at $60, but the price has now soared to a whopping $91,000. And do you know who’s actually gonna pay that? Fucking no one. 
Zaky reckons he’s gonna get that cash money from eBay, but surprisingly, Zaky’s been wrong about stuff before. 

Zaky’s already tweeting at eBay about fraudulent payments, but we’re excited to see how this plays out. 
If you’d like to add to that number or just view the hat to see if it could be a nice $90k addition to your wardrobe, you can see it here:
Source: Twitter
Image: Q&A.