Check Out This Shithead Magpie Literally Riding The Coattails Of A Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Does what it says on the lid, really. A ratbag, freeloading magpie was spotted skitching a ride on the back of a wedge-tailed eagle, in what’s possibly the most Tony Hawk move of the bird world.

[jwplayer 2iHTUsmF]

The fluke photo was snapped by bird photographer Nichole Wescombe in Avalon just outside of Melbourne when a magpie was pissed off by a bloody wedgie and decided the best thing to do would be to swoop it. There are simply no rules in the animal kingdom, and you protect the nest at all costs. Even if it means you gotta kick up a blue with a literal bird of prey.

So ok maybe the maggie isn’t skitching on the tail feathers of the eagle, slipping into the big bird’s wake and careening along as lightning speeds, it’s actually just really fucken pissed that a wedge-tailed eagle would fly close enough to the magpie’s nest (and prob screaming children) that it needed to have a go.

God that’s a hell of a shot.

Nichole captioned the series of photos saying that she watched as the magpie chased the wedgie eagle around before she took a bunch of very good photos of the chaos full flight.

Really though, it looks like the maggie is hitching a ride on the back of the eagle like a skateboarder hanging onto the back of a ute, or a surfer on the back of a jetski about to drop into a monster wave, throw a huge shakas, and praying to God they don’t get totally wiped out.

Fuck whatever coat of arms this country has, this picture should be the new Australian emblem. Put it on all important documents and broadcast it at every major event.

Hell, put it on my headstone. I love this bloody pic so much and I wish to always be the magpie.

Or this one.