This Bloke In SA Can Warble Like A Magpie, Which Is Honestly A Severely Underrated Talent

Adelaide man Mark John Muscat can talk magpie. The man can warble. His throat can make magpie sounds. He is fluent in the black and white bird.

Do not try this at home. At least, do not try this with a mouthful of rice. Yes, I’m a forgetful idiot. Roll the damn tape.

@mark_muscatTalking to Magpie birds♬ original sound – mark_muscat


But also, how? I am genuinely so flabbergasted. I also can’t stop laughing. You see these videos and captions and think, “Surely, not”, but no, Muscat really is fluent in magpie. And he makes it looks so easy. I have watched the above video five times now and have tried to mimic the bloke’s mouth movements. Sadly, my attempts sound less magpie and more baby that needs to take a shit.

Muscat has uploaded just three videos of himself warbling over the past week or so. His latest video, posted six hours ago at the time of writing, has already racked up hundreds of likes. His original video has over 60,000 views. Naturally, Muscat has used his frankly unbelievable ability to mimic the magpie call to, well, talk to magpies.

@mark_muscatMagpies madness♬ original sound – mark_muscat

Tag yourself! I’m the magpie that’s just like, “Dude, the fuck?” I… I… genuinely can’t tell the difference. He sounds exactly like the magpie that wakes me up every morning.

Responding to a slew of impressed people on TikTok, Muscat said he’s been able to mimic the magpie for years.

To conclude: it is in fact possible for humans to warble exactly like a magpie. And it is a severely underrated talent. Put him on Australia’s Got Talent, he’d bloody win it in a heartbeat.