Duke Magazine Issue 4

Irreverence is a precious commodity in this increasingly PC world, for this reason alone you should probably head down to your nearest news agency and buy the latest issue of Duke Magazine…

Duke Magazine is a self described “tongue-in-chic Pop Culture, Fashion & Art Mag” their content varies widely from mock advertisements to rants on the cult of celebrity but is always done with a fierce sense of humour and DIY ethos.

Issue 4 of the cult rag sees our very own bespectacled boss playing coy for a faux deoderant ad and probably the most diseased cock I’ve ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on. Raquel and Emily I applaud your fucked up sense of humour, this shit is laugh out loud funny cover to cover…

Duke Magazine is available at the following outlets:

Capital-L Fat GPO The Outpost
Cream on Crown Fat, Chapel St GOMA Giftshop
Cream on King Fat, Brunswick St
Dobry Den Fat, Chadstone LONDON
MCA Bookshop Polyester Books Lady Luck Rules Ok
Pigeon Ground Sticky ICA Bookshop
Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery
Sappho Books U.S.A
Atomic Books (Baltimore)
Silverman Gallery (San Fransisco)