Dov Charney Denounces Hipsters, Defends G-Strings

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney is biting the hand that feeds in an effort to stay atop the pyramid of hip, starting with a beat down of Hipsters (who’ve become the lowest common denominator collective in the pecking order of cool-and-relevant subcultures).

Charney recently explained: “Hipsters are from a certain time period … The stereotype of a hipster is not something people aspire to anymore. Do you want to be a hipster? Nobody wants to be a hipster.” That’s ironic considering American Apparel was semi responsible for initiating the Hipster Marketing phenomenon.

Charney also commented on American Apparel’s heavily advertised new line of lace g-string onesies, explaining: “Lace thong leotards are not necessarily hipster.”

Via The Village Voice