American Apparel Struggles To Keep It Up

Soft-porn loving clothing brand American Apparel is in serious financial trouble after experiencing a significant drop in profits in the last financial quarter – the result of a massive sales-revenue plunge of 17 per cent.

Perhaps American Apparel Chief Executive Officer Dov Charney (who, ironically, is Canadian) and his crew have been spending too much time brainstorming ‘Home Girls for hipsters’ marketing campaigns and looking at the world’s best bums to concentrate on the central part of the business, which – once upon a time – was selling t shirts.

The bankruptcy fears for American Apparel comes at a bad time, after the company received a bad wrap from the Federal Government following the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency discovery that one third of workers in AA’s Los Angeles factory were illegal immigrants, resulting in the firing of 1,500 staff.

Ironic, since Charney has been an outspoken supporter of foreign workers’ rights since starting the company in 1989.

Ultimately, American Apparel clothes are fairly overpriced and overrated these days.

How much is too much for a plain poly-cotton t shirt?

Via New York Post