Douchelord Who Posted Racist Abuse On Nova Peris’ FB Page Pleads Guilty

GOOD. The 64-year-old idjit who left a series of extremely racist comments on outgoing Senator Nova Peris‘ Facebook page has just pleaded guilty.

Chris Nelson, a chiropractor from the Central Coast of NSW and a former Liberal party member, was charged with using a carriage service to cause offence in May, after comments he left on Peris’ page – including calling her “a black cunt” who should “go back to the bush and suck on witchity (sic) grubs and yams” – were shared by Peris herself.

“Be easy to block & delete your comment Sir Chris Nelson but I’ll leave it there to continue to show the ugly side of this country as I have always done!”
she replied to him, posting a screenshot of their conversation to Facebook with the caption: “Racism – It stops with me.”

Nelson had previously claimed to be the victim of a very horrible hacking attack, citing South Koreans as the possible ones behind these very targeted and specifically racist messages from his Facebook account, and walking out the defence only used by the most obtuse members of our society:

“I’m definitely not a racist. I’ve got friends who are Aboriginal and family who are Aboriginal.”

He arrived at Woy Woy court earlier this morning sporting a dark shirt, very dark glasses, and hopefully an overwhelming sense for the consequences of being a racist dickbag.

Photo: Getty / Mark Metcalfe; Twitter / @9NewsSyd.