Nova Peris Doubles Down On Anti-Racism Msg After Her FB Troll Is Sentenced

Former Senator Nova Peris has issued a statement accepting and welcoming the eight-month suspended sentence handed down to Chris Nelson by a Central Coast Magistrate today, after Nelson had previously pleaded guilty to the charge of using a carriage service to cause offence after he racially abused Peris is a series of graphic and widely condemned Facebook posts.

Earlier, Nelson had been handed the sentence, wholly suspended, with his counsel stating that his “foolish actions” had brought great shame to himself and his family, and left his previously-successful chiropractic business a “shadow of its former self.”
In a statement issued to Peris’ Facebook page, she thanked the Magistrate who handed down the sentence, the authorities who investigated the case, and the public who stood behind her in calling out Nelson’s grossly offensive and vitriolic words.

“The sentence handed down today to Mr. Chris Nelson sends a strong and important message to others who use social media to disseminate such vile and racially abusive comments.

In welcoming the decision, I fully support the Magistrate’s remarks that there was no justification for Mr. Nelson’s comments, which were clearly offensive to all Australians.

I thank all the authorities that investigated this matter.

I also thank the thousands of Australians – of all backgrounds, races and religions – who supported my stance in speaking out against such unprovoked, racially and politically motivated comments.

We all must stand against such incidents.

The behaviour we walk past in the behaviour we accept.

When you attack me, you attack my children, you attack my family, you attack the minority groups who also feel the pain of these deep seeded, racist and venomous barbs.

Such comments do not contribute to our beautiful multicultural country and nor should they be tolerated.

I will always call out racism and stand up for my family, my people, and for myself.

I will continue to give voice to people who don’t have one.

I have black skin and I am a proud Aboriginal Australian. Racism – It stops with me.

In the spirit of inclusion, Happy NAIDOC week to all Australians.

Nova Peris OAM.”

Those right there are words we all need to hear from time to time.

The behaviour we walk past is the behaviour we accept.” A-bloody-men.

Source: Nova Peris/Facebook.
Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty.