The Racist Idjit Who Abused Nova Peris Cops 8-Month Suspended Sentence

Chris Nelson, the 64-year-old idjit who left a series of extremely racist comments on former Labor senator Nova Peris‘ Facebook page, has just been handed an eight-month suspended jail sentence in a Central Coast court.

The magistrate said there was no justification for the chiropractor and former Liberal party member’s disgusting outburst – which included calling Peris “a black cunt” who should “go back to the bush and suck on witchity (sic) grubs and yams” – but took into consideration his age, history of depression, 20 years’ volunteer work with charity and apparent remorse for his actions.

If you’re wondering what a suspended sentence actually is, it ostensibly means the court believes there’s sufficient grounds to offer a modicum of leniency on the condition the defendant enters into a bond to be well behaved and comply with all other conditions for the period of his / her sentence (in Nelson’s case, 8 months). 
Nelson initially lied about the racist vitriol he spouted, claiming his Facebook account was hacked, but eventually pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to cause offence last month.
At the sentencing hearing today, his solicitor, David Kelly, said his “foolish actions” have shamed himself, his family and left his business of nearly 20 years a “shadow” of its former successful self.
“He has been greatly educated in how to use Facebook,” he said.
Let’s bloody hope so. Or, better yet, just stay logged off.
Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Facebook / Senator Nova Peris.