The Memes From Donald Trump’s Frankly Wild Axios Interview Are Already Way Too Relatable

Remember when that Aussie journo from Axios brought Trump to his knees in one of the first truly hard-hitting interviews we’ve seen with the guy? Seems like it was only yesterday. Well so do we, and so does the internet, it seems, now that everyone’s gone to town making memes out of it.

Everything from the staging, to Aussie journo Jonathan Swan‘s bemused reactions, to Trump unraveling on camera is pure meme gold. As it turns out, the chaotic interview is the perfect metaphor for our equally chaotic year of 2020.

Thankfully, people were quick to capitalise on the potential of this new meme inspo.

Perhaps the only way to comprehend how utterly deranged the most powerful man in the world is, is through laughter. Or at least, that’s the most fun way to do so.

Without further ado, here are the best memes and reacts to come out of that train wreck of an interview.

Obviously, watching the actual interview will elicit similar reactions to the memes themselves. You’re likely to laugh, cry and scream at your computer all within one single sentence.

If you still haven’t watched the full Axios interview, we highly recommend you do so. You can catch it here.

Just make sure to do some breathing exercises afterwards.