After Victorian Premier Dan Andrews flagged the potential for even stricter conditions to be enforced, talk began to circulate around the web regarding a possible stage 4 lockdown for Melbourne, similar to that of New Zealand’s.

“Stage 4” has since been trending on Australian Twitter, and it seems as though we’ve been left with the same questions: What exactly is stage 4, and what restrictions would that entail? Will it even happen? When could it happen? Who knows? Not the MPs, apparently…

At this stage, times seem pretty dire. And how do we deal with dire times? Through humour, of course.

As is the case with most things in 2020, the stage 4 lockdown has already been memified (real word) by the trusty cybersphere, with folk trying to decipher what this next stage of restrictions entails, and how it will impact the lives of Melburnians. So, without further ado, check out some of the best reactions to a potential stage 4 lockdown below. (Because if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.)

For now, while we wait for further answers, I suggest we all listen to Katy Perry’s Simlish version of “Last Friday Night” on repeat as a form of catharsis. (Simlish has that effect on people.)

In all seriousness, though, given that Andrews has explicitly mentioned “stage 4” at yesterday’s press briefing, here’s an explainer on how stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne will differ to stage 3.

Image: Getty Images: Darrian Traynor / Stringer, Twitter: @arozenbachs