Dogs Watching The US National Dog Show Is Yr New Fave Dog-Related Phenomenon

dog show watching

The American holiday of Thanksgiving may ostensibly be about celebrating family, the things we are grateful for, and the slaughtering of many thousands of giant idiot birds, but in reality it’s a day for appreciating the greatest event of the calendar: the United States National Dog Show.

Broadcast right after the Macy’s Day Parade (another inscrutable Yank tradition), the puppo show is a joyous jubilee of all things pooch, attracting the best, most pampered pedigrees from across the nation. While I personally have never been, I have seen the movie Best In Show, so I feel pretty confident that I know exactly what it’s like.

Aside from the incredible, adorable, extremely Ewok-like winner of this year’s Best Dog award, the number one National Dog Show-related treat is the many, many dogs who just love watching their brethren strut their stuff on TV.

Please observe these very supportive, very good puppers.

Dogs watching dogs be the best dogs they can be: now that’s a tradition I can get behind.