This Video Of A Dog & Dolphin Swimming Together In Adelaide Is Pure As Heck

Dog Dolphin

Prepare to shed a tear or two because you’re about to see something far too pure for this world – a Labrador swimming with a dolphin.

[jwplayer iQytzQGl]

Captured by Adelaide local Billie-Michelle Eastwood at the Patawalonga Creek, Glenelg, footage shows the black Labrador paddling away in the water when he’s joined by a dolphin.

If that’s not enough to make ya grin, the dolphin even does a big ol’ leap over the water doggo.

Posted earlier today, Eastwood’s video has over a thousand views.

“Must watch till the end!! Someone’s Black Labrador hopped into the Patawalonga Creek in Glenelg SA last night and found himself playing around with one of the dolphins! Was incredible to watch,” she captioned her post.

See it for yourself below.

Chatting to the ABC afterwards, Eastwood said it was mostly the dog swimming towards the dolphin.

“I was completely surprised … I could see the dog wagging his tail so it definitely seemed as if they were just playing together,” she said, adding that’d she remember the precious moment for a lifetime.

Happy almost-Tuesday, pals.