True Story: While in the Bahamas, I had the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins on #BlueLagoonIsland. We were filming on this floating platform in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So, against a my better judgment I asked someone to hold my phone for me and he accidentally dropped my phone into water and it sank to the bottom. Cacique, the dolphin, actually retrieved my phone and brought it back up to me. Cutest thing ever! #Unbelievable #Bahamas #DolphinEncounter

Posted by Teressa Cee on Monday, 21 September 2015

This video recently posted on Facebook may possibly be one of the most amazing things that’s ever surfaced on the Internet.

Miami Heat cheerleader Teressa Cee was on a floating pontoon just off of Blue Lagoon Island in The Bahamas, and handed her phone to someone to hold. They (of course) dropped it, and it fell to the mercy of the deep blue sea. 

A dolphin, known to locals as Cacique, decided that he was not chill just standing back and watching this poor woman lose her magical talky device, so he decided to swim down, retrieve it, and deliver it back to her. 

Cee can be heard saying, “Oh my god! So cute – thanks! It’s never gonna work again, but thanks!”

We honestly don’t know what to do with this video apart from rewatch it again and again, audibly squealing tbh. SO ADORABLE. 


WATCH: This Dolphin Deliver Back A Phone That Was Dropped In The OceanWATCH: This Dolphin Deliver Back A Phone That Was Dropped In The Ocean

via Facebook.