Here Are Six Things You Can Experience In Adelaide For 50 Bucks

Ah, glorious Adelaide. You’re a true local if you know that it’s an AB, not a HSP, it’s not devon, it’s fritz, and you know Glenelg Beach is fine, but it’s beaten by basically every other stretch of underrated coastline.

If you’ve found yourself not hungover on a weekend from overdoing it on the tequila at Enigma, and you’ve got an empty plate and the need for an adventure – and you’ve filled yourself up to your eyeballs with all the zesty, bold wines of the Barossa and Adelaide Hills – here are some beaut and wholesome activities around the city to get stuck into (and give your liver a dang break.)

Give Yourself The Food Sweats At Central Adelaide Market

Get yourself salivating over ridiculously yum food at the Central Markets right near Chinatown. It’s been in the city for almost 150 years and houses well over 70 vendors and traders who bring in seasonal produce, making it the biggest fresh produce market in the Southern Hemisphere.

I’m not guaranteeing it’ll be a cheap day shopping in the market, that depends on how hungry you are and how much cheese you can physically eat.

Hang With The Dolphins In Port Adelaide

If you’re able to get yourself to the water, it’s imperative that you head over to Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary to try and spot some of the frolicking cuties in their natural environment.

If you wanna get real close to the action, hire a stand-up paddleboard or a kayak and get out on the water. You can bobble around while the dolphins play, and go and explore the Ships Graveyard for a couple of hours.

Get Real High With SkyChallenge

If you’re not afraid of heights and have the upper body strength of someone that could have been on Gladiators, try your hand at the aerial obstacles of SkyChallenge.

They’ve got over 70 high-flying challenges to duck and weave through, so you can give yourself a workout that’s sure to burn off all the leftover Easter chocolate you’ve prob still got in the fridge.

And if you’re not feeling physically up to clambering all over the adult playground, you can do a very chill Skywalk that gives you some gorgeous views of the coast off West Beach.

Get Figgin’ Lost In The Botanic Gardens

On a particularly warm and sunny day, pack yourself a picnic and hit the Botanic Gardens. With a massive collection of different gardens, you can go from the arid landscape of the cacti and succulent garden to the fantasy of painting the roses red in a very Alice In Wonderland rose garden.

The gardens are also home to some truly mammoth Moreton Bay Fig trees that are over 150 years old. Murdoch Avenue is the iconic pathway that’s lined with the trees, creating a thick lush canopy overhead.

Wet Yourself Laughing At The Rhino Room

Feel like tickling your funny bone? Your best bet is to hit up the Rhino Room right in the heart of the city.

The space has played host to a huge amount of very funny humans like Tom GleesonAdam HillsTony Robbins and that little purple punish, Randy, the Rhino Room is a place space for seasoned comics to try out new material, and up & comers to cut their teeth.

The venue is also home to various club nights and is a popular gig spot for alternative music and burlesque shows. You’ll surely find something that takes your fancy here.

Go Wild At Adelaide Zoo

If you’re down for a bit of a safari adventure without heading out of town, the Adelaide Zoo up near North Adelaide is your best bet.

A ticket will set you back around $35 (about $10 cheaper if you’re a student) and is home to the Southern Hemisphere‘s only panda couple that keepers are trying to breed, Wang Wang and Fu Ni.

There’s plenty of free shows to catch throughout the day, but the Lion Feed every Tuesday, Thursday, weekend, and public holiday, is a definite highlight.